January 1st, 2017

Working in a startup, it’s easy to forget all the random things I’ve done. A brief retrospective.


Ad buys: Managed Adwords and Twitter spend. Setup retargetting via Adroll.

Marketing pages: Extended platform landing pages to include all supported platforms. Also, created Migrate to SaaS in the open source Sentry.

Education sponsorships: Experimented with sponsored content (LearnRedux and ReactJSProgram)

Open Source sponsorhips: ReadtheDocs, Webpack, Vue.js, DjangoRESTFramework, Laravel

Events: Sponsored “official party” for Pycon, went on to do this for Laracon, DjangoCon. Standard practice now for us. Secured event co-sponsors for larger events. New conference process for 10x’ing the bottom of funnel.

**PR: Article in Techcrunch.


Closed Sentry’s first six figure and first government contract. Established on-premise pricing and support contracts language. Set up phone and email channels for incoming sales requests. Set up support SLAs for on-premise customers.


Bitbucket Pipelines launch partner. Inclusion in GitHub Student Developer Pack. Inclusion in Y-Combinator “Bookface” deals for current batch.


Onboarding: Built out preliminary on-boarding flow for new signups, increasing conversion 33%. Added chat to reach out to select customers during their signup flow to establish early relationship with customers.

Billing: Changing our business model. An insane but correct bet.

Analytics: Set up analytics for blog, docs, app, and marketing pages. Began tracking efficacy of marketing spend and consumer lifecycle.