My First Trip to Japan

September 2nd, 2016

Itinerary: Tokyo and Kyoto My Map


I love Fodor’s basic phrases. I used it for traveling to France and Italy as well.


Never thought of this, but a useful guide on how to behave yourself. Most interesting one for me: bathrooms. Like China, bring tissue paper with you.

Tokyo to Kyoto transport

For transportation between the cities, I’m planning on taking the Nozomi Shinkansen bullet train. The train comes frequently, so I’ll get tickets day of at the Tokyo station. I’m only traveling to Kyoto on the Nozomi (the fastest train), so the JR Rail Pass doesn’t make sense for me. Next time perhaps!


Potential tours:

Inari and Sake tour

Japanese tea ceremony

Next time


Cherry Blossom

Gion Geisha Festival

Buddhist moss temple: requires 45 days in-advance reservation

Solid Resources

My friends Sophie, Dan, Christina

Sophie’s map

Japan Guide