SaaS Pricing Read

June 28th, 2017

If you’re interested in SaaS pricing, this piece by Bidsketch stood out to me as worth the read. Unlike most pricing blog posts, which just generically trumpet that you should “survey your customers and A/B test prices” and is a thin layer of marketing polish on top of another SaaS offering, Ruby walks you through, on a human level, what it was like to make the change.

I researched every one of these companies [that considered Bidsketch a “must have” product] by looking up their usage data (to cross reference with survey results), and checking them out online.

In reality, every plan still received every feature but they didn’t know it until after they signed up and started using the product.

I briefly considered charging per user to focus on one key metric. But looking at the data I saw that there were only two major breaks and it had nothing to do with my main segments.